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At the heart of our endeavors lies an unwavering passion for whisky and spirits. Our competitions are not just contests; they are a gateway to a world of rich, new flavours waiting to dance on your palate. Seize the opportunity to embark on a taste adventure like no other!

Indulge in the Craft. Revel in the Taste.

Born into a lineage steeped in Scottish Border history, Lindsay grew up immersed in tales of ancestral bravery, honour, and the rugged beauty of the land. His family’s connection to Clan Lindsay, known for their resilience and contributions to Scottish history, instilled in him a sense of pride and a profound respect for tradition.

Entering into digital marketing in 1998, Martin was quick to grasp the boundless opportunities in the digital revolution. Merging his newly acquired skills with his love for whisky, he ventured into the realm of digital marketing for luxury brands, drinks and distilleries.

Martin’s partnership with renowned brands, including Guinness, Tanquery, and Diageo, as well as numerous iconic Scottish distilleries, has led to the creation of impactful digital campaigns.

Despite his professional accomplishments, Martin remains a whisky enthusiast at heart, relishing distillery visits, tastings, and continuously broadening his knowledge. As a regular speaker at corporate events, his insights elegantly intertwine digital marketing’s complexities with the rich heritage of whisky-making.

“Highest quality hats, using heritage techniques.”

~ John Doe

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